Must Go in Miami Beach!

One of my favorite things to do in life is to travel.  Followed closely by eating great food.  So I often try to combine both which makes it the best of both worlds!

On my last trip to Miami Beach, my brother asked me if I had ever had Peruvian food.  I had not.  And I was very much in the mood for Italian or something else.  But he said “No.  I am taking you to eat the best Peruvian food you will ever eat”.  I was skeptical but there we went.

Cvi che 2Cvi che 1








Cvi-Che was this colorful, modern and vibrant restaurant in Downtown Miami and as soon as we arrived, I knew I would be pleasantly surprised.  We only waited 10 minutes on a busy Sunday afternoon for a table for 4, and the staff was overly attentive and showed exceptional customer service.

We started by ordering their Red Sangria which was probably one of the best ones I have ever had.  And the food did not disappoint.  Their mixed Ceviche was to die for and for a “first timer” eating ceviche I was delighted.  There was a burst of flavors and textures with each bite and I could not get enough.

As we progressed through the courses, I became a fan.  Our waiter was wonderful and kept checking on us, making sure we enjoyed everything we were eating.  The restaurant remained packed until the very last moment we left, and the service was on point throughout the entire lunch.

Now let’s talk…. dessert.  I do not understand people who can skip dessert.  It is – in my opinion – the most important course of any meal!!!  You need to close the experience with that something sweet to switch your palate!  Life is too short people, don’t skip dessert!!!  Back to business…. If you are a “dulce de leche” lover as I am, you are in heaven at Cvi-che.  You must try their “suspiro limeno” which is a traditional Peruvian dessert where the base is dulce de leche topped with merengue.  Their “dulce de leche” cake was equally amazing!

I would certainly come back without thinking twice and absolutely recommend it if you are in the area and would like to have exceptional food!  The price was just right and the atmosphere was very lively and casual.

Cvi che 5



Cvi che 6


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