Welcome to Travel. Eat. Repeat!

This blog was created with the intent to share with the world my immense passion for life.  What better way to live than to experience different cultures, travel to exciting destinations, try amazing new cuisines and enjoy the best of what each country has to offer?

I am very lucky to have been born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  My family came from Italy so I am also half Italian.  You can imagine the combination! I won’t lie, I do have a “bit” of a temper, or so I am told.

I have been addicted to traveling and discovering the world from a very young age.  When I was 9 I told my parents I wanted to live abroad.  By then, I had already visited the U.S. a few times, Mexico and Argentina. At 14, I went to live in California on my own as an exchange student.  I was supposed to stay for 6 months… that turned to 1 and a half years.  During that time, I traveled within the U.S. with my high school choir and was blown away by the difference in food and weather with each state we went.  The seed was planted.  I never stopped traveling since.  Every bit of money I saved was always towards my “next trip”.

My passion for food also began when I was young.  I loved going in the kitchen and cooking cakes for breakfast for the entire family.  I also would watch our cook as she prepared beautiful meals every evening.  Food to me was love, was celebration, was something to look forward to. Living in Rio, I was exposed to the most incredible restaurants and I certainly took advantage of that.  Discovering and exploring new tastes and cuisines was easy due to the great and diverse number of restaurants there.  I chased the best rated restaurants and renowned chefs with the intent of trying something new and exciting.

On this blog, I will be highlighting some of my favorite travel and culinary experiences.  I have traveled for romance, for business, with family, alone with kids, solo and to a destination I did not know about until I arrived… surprise!  There are so many interesting aspects of each style of travel and there are so many ways you can learn about yourself during a trip.

I hope you enjoy this journey as I share with you some of my past travels and hope you follow me a long on my future ones!  Whatever you do, have fun, meet new people and try new foods.  After all, life is short so… Carpe Diem!

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